Alexanderplatz is known for its pretty broad program of events, hardly a place in Berlin offers so many events of all kinds in one place. Regularly found at the Alexander Platz in front around the Fountain of International Friendship wide variety of events. But also around the Alexanderplatz square and the small cross roads take place interesting events of all kinds. Find the timetable :

Berlin laughing! This event took place at August 2014 and is one of many examples how to use Alexander Platz. All visitors and friends celebrate the exceptional skills of the road. Berlin laughing! gives street art a home and gives the city barrier-free culture for all. Visitors can look forward to an international mix of theater, circus, body art, clowning, street music and interactive activities for the entire family. Before StreetArt scenes showcase artists from around the world high-performance artistry and acrobatics, mime, art installations, stilt theater, puppetry and fire performances.

The Urania World Clock is a clock system integrally with a symbolic representation of the world on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin's district of Mitte. It contains on its metal rotunda the names of 148 cities. Since its formation in 1969, the ten-meter-high World Clock is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike in the German capital. The 16-ton World Clock was presented on September 30, 1969 solemnly to the public - in advance of the 20th anniversary of the GDR, which also includes the Berlin TV tower was opened. This manifested itself in about the completion of the extensive redesign of Alexanderplatz in the sense of socialist modernism and a generous urban planning, which resulted in "the Alex" was about four times as large as before the Second World War.